Drug Addiction on a Physical and Social Level

Drug addiction is the bane of our society. They are debilitating enough to destroy a person’s career, his social life and even seal his fate forever. There are various signs that can give you an idea that a certain person is addicted to drugs. One of the most obvious signs is dilated pupils, droopy and/or bloodshot eyes.Secondly, addicts tend to have slurred speech. Apart from this, the physical signs include cold hands, weakness in the body, uncoordinated movement, deteriorated, itchy skin, runny nose, infection in the body and weak immune systemOn a mental level, the drug addict has trouble concentrating on anything. He or she develops impatience, mood swings, hysteria and even paranoia. On a social level, the drug addict exhibits behavior which makes him an outcaste. He starts to mingle with other drug addicts and cuts off connection with other sober people. He disregards personal hygiene and the fact that he is not able to communicate or even walk properly tends to make others stay off him.The worst thing is that since the addiction to take drugs is high, he can even steal money from the house or con people to give him money, so that he can purchase more drugs. An addict also goes into severe depression due to neglect by peopleAt work or in college, the report of the drug addict is dismal. If the addict is studying in school or college, he shuns attending and begins to while away time, as a result of which his grades fall. A working adult who is suffering from this problem will shirk work and sooner or later, the fact that he is addicted begins to surface, after which he is asked to leave the job as well.All of these are the troubles and problems of the drug addict on a physical, mental, emotional, social and vocational level. However it does not mean that there is no way out for these addicts. Drug addiction is a disease and can be treated through proper rehabilitation and care. So, let’s not turn a blind eye to addicts and help them get better fast.

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